Velvet Dreams, Crazy Ideas, & Real Wine

I first learned about the Grape Witches after pilates at Misfit one fateful night in February. Helloooo, a monthly Wine Rave Seances? Oh what magic! Indisputably fun and feminine in spirit, Grape Witches is the invention of Nicole Campbell, a Portfolio Ambassador at Lifford Wine and Spirits, and Krysta Oben, the somm and AGM at Byblos on Duncan. These two women live and breathe wine. They’re masters at eliminating the snob factor, and introducing the female gaze to what’s otherwise a pretty intimidating, sometimes boring, masculine industry. It was clear they’d teach me a lot of stuff about delicious wines, given they’re experts, putting these grape potions in the context of everyday life and talking about them in an approachable way. They’d answer questions like, what outfit should I wear while drinking a “dreamy Macedonian rosé” like Pata Trava Rose? Where was this made and by whom? Where might I drink it, what’s the weather like, how would I feel? These aren’t frivolous questions. I knew I had to go to Superpoint on the first Monday of the month. Sign me up to this coven please! The Grape Witches join a growing cohort of women making things, building businesses, and shaping communities, here and in lots of other cities, and it’s 100p inspiring.

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