Grape Witches: Nicole Campbell & Krysta Oben

Indisputably fun and feminine in spirit, Grape Witches is the invention of Nicole Campbell, a Portfolio Ambassador at Lifford Wine and Spirits, and Krysta Oben, the somm and AGM at Byblos on Duncan. These two women live and breathe wine. They’re masters at eliminating the snob factor, and introducing the female gaze to what’s otherwise a pretty intimidating, sometimes boring, masculine industry. These two are hosting parties (ahem Wine Rave Seances) monthly in Toronto, and taking the real wine and velvet on the road to Vancouver, New York, London, and Copenhagen later this year. Don't miss our interview with these two. Find out about their velvety dreams and crazy ideas, and how they’re bringing them to life. 

Photo Credit: Jenalle Los

Amy Bath