Ready for blastoff? First migrate to Shopify Plus from BigCommerce, Volusion, and Mozu

It’s no big surprise to announce that Shopify is building impactful technology for the future. They are on a mission to make commerce better for everyone. We want to develop and deliver solutions for your business. 

We’re the only Shopify Plus Experts in Toronto, and as smart rocket scientists we work with Shopify for a reason. It's fast, nimble and cost effective, and it's powered by forward thinking trailblazers. It's a no brainer. Let’s develop a custom, scalable commerce solution for you, taking your business forward, regardless whether your business is small or you’re ready for a more enterprise-level solution.

So why do we like Shopify so much, especially Shopify Plus?

Scalability & Affordability

First of all, Shopify is scalable and affordable. They charge you a flat monthly fee. You then simply grow your shop as it makes sense for your business. Shopify grows with you. Here at Little Rocket we can strategize appropriate systems for your business, and do anything from modify an existing theme to design, develop and market a custom shop for you. We often work in phases. And Shopify makes this easy.

BigCommerce and Volusion capitalize on your growth, instead of enabling it, charging for additional revenue, more SKUs, increasing orders, added bandwidth, and the like. Shopify puts no barriers on your business.


Shopify’s storefront respond time is nearly 4 times as fast as its competitors. Neither of the competitors are setup for managing scalability associated with high traffic, like a flash sale. Imagine this kind of mishap on Cyber Monday.

Shopify is set up for high growth, high volume merchants. They have the scalability, reliability, and flexibility required. Volusion has had performance issues and outages for years. The platform has literally removed its largest merchants because they consume too much memory and bandwidth. Don’t lose money because of a tech fail. Shopify has a 99.99% uptime. Suffice it to say Shopify is over-provisioned to handle any potential traffic spikes. Your site will always performing at its best.

Minds on the Future

Ahead of the Curve

They are thinking about the future. Top of mind for Shopify is staying ahead of trends in enterprise-level commerce. They’ve even acquired Boltmade and partner with innovative companies.


Shopify also plays well with others, affording you access to over 1500 apps that solve a myriad of business problems. Marketing, sales, shipping, inventory, supply change management, social media -- there are solutions. Little Rocket is also here to take the confusion out of determining which apps and third-party integrations are right for you, right now. BigCommerce has less than 300 apps, and Volusion only 75. Volusion also doesn’t have the equivalent of a buy button.

No Boundaries

Shopify lets you to set up shop anywhere, beyond your website. That may be Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Houzz, as well as in person using their POS, whether for a pop-up shop, trunk show, trade show, or at your dedicated brick and mortar. Even if you don’t have a Shopify site, you can add a buy button to any website. More than this, this list of platforms is growing.


Partner Program

Shopify is a company grounded in partnership. They work with you and they work with other innovators. The Shopify Plus Partner Program was created in June 2016. We were honored to be named a Shopify Plus Expert, along with about 70 other agencies globally who are the best of the best at creating commerce solutions using Shopify.

Working with Little Rocket means you can build a more complex and robust site that truly takes your business new places. There’s only so much most people can do on their own! Especially when you’re also running your business. We want you to get back to doing what you love and do best. Our passion is working with businesses like yours.

Shopify Plus

Delivering for high-volume merchants, Shopify Plus is ideal for those of you earning over $50,000 per month. You can learn more here, but Shopify Plus customers get early access to key innovative features and new integrations to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

For one thing, this includes utilizing the exclusive Shopify Plus APIs. And Shopify increases your API limits by 500 percent. It’s also easy to build custom integrations if they don’t have what you need, which is something we do. You’re also able to customize the checkout experience. This can increase conversions by up to 10 percent. The Script Editor also lets you create custom discounts and promotions. You even get a priority phone number and email address, and save on transaction fees.

Top-notch Support

“Houston we have a problem.” Yes, it’s designed for all those moments. If you’re on Shopify Plus, you have a launch manager, technical designer, merchant success manager, and dedicated support to ensure you have the best experience, and transition from other systems easily. Shopify also has an active community of entrepreneurs on forums and Facebook groups who can provide community and assistance. And Shopify customer support is only ever a phone call away. You can get your question answered in minutes. That is always going to feel good.

Launch Set-up Initiated 

Shopify isn’t perfect. But it’s very important to say that Shopify is always getting better and better. They are innovating, motivated by their mission. Other platforms just aren’t evolving with customer demands.

Volusion was certainly an innovator in ecomm, but it has stagnated. And it’s possible it will soon be extinct. Fewer than 35,000 merchants remain on the platform, and its attempt to build out Mozu Commerce has failed. It only has 40 live clients. Volusion and BigCommerce’s current paths aren’t viable despite rounds and rounds of funding. We do not recommend betting your business on their technology.   

Ebay’s Magento Go and Amazon’s Webstore have closed, likely because they weren’t in it for the long haul. Shopify is exclusively and wholeheartedly focused on commerce. It’s absolutely the technology that’s going to get your rocket to Mars and beyond.

Get your migration started today. Shopify is offering 6 months free and free data migration if you switch from BigCommerce, Volusion, or Mozu, for a limited time.